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Rahul Patel


Manoj Barot


Barbara Brooks 

Senior advisor

Associated Since: 2001

Experience:  24 Years in Food industry

Manoj Barot, founder, has a total of 24 years of experience in the food industry. His experience ranges from institutional food service management of multiple locations to research and administration. Manoj Barot has a masters in foods and nutrition.

Associated Since:  2005

Experience:  12 Years in hospatality & Food

One of the founding members of Smurti Corporation, Rahul Patel has been with the company for 6 years. He has a combined experience of 12 years in the hospitality and food industry. He is currently the C.E.O. His responsibilities include overseeing all locations.

Associated Since: 2016

Experience: Expert in Various Field

With a master of science in Institutional management and Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, she had worked as Associate director in Auxiliary services at Georgia Perimeter College. She has Experience as nutrition coordinator/instructor of Indian River Facilities, Alabama

Ron Landry

Quality Assurance

Ron Landry

Quality Assurance

Olga Stiewing

Accounting & HR

Betty Williams Kirby

Contract Compliance

Associated Since:  2009

Experience:  40 Years in Food Quality

President, NonTrad Group LLC Specialist in Non-traditional Food Service Concepts. Over 40 Years of experience in delivering quality food and services.

Associated Since:  2012

Experience: Managing HR & Accounts

With a Diploma in Mathematics, Olga Stiewing oversees the accounting and purchasing of the company. She handles the accounting and purchasing departments of the company. Her attention to detail in work, suits best for her responsibilities and has helped the company invariably.

Associated Since:  2016

Experience:With a Bachelor in political science,she is working as attorney for 18 years. Specializing in contract law and juris doctorate.

Suraj Barot

Director of Business Development

Associated Since:  2017

Experience: Suraj was an active member of the Boys Scouts of Dunwoody, was a key leader with the DeKalb Engineering Team. His responsibilities include increasing company sales through new clients 

Kathya Martinez


Associated Since:  2015

Experience: Managing Purchasing 

Kathya Martinez manages orders, budgets and much more. She ensures that all necessities are delivered to every area of the company

Joe Yim

District Manager

Associated Since:  2005

Experience:  20 years in Purchasing

Joe has been in the food service management & purchasing field for more than 20 years. Joe Yim's responsibilities include the management of the GPC Dunwoody location along with being the Director of Purchasing. Joe makes sure that Smurti Corporation gets the right product at the right quality on a stable consistency at all of its locations.

Chang Choi

Area Manager

Teddy'An Heard

Area Manager

Jamie Llovera

Area Manager / Chef

Associated Since:  2005

Experience:  20 years of Food Management

Choi Chang has over 20 years in food service management. He was in the South Korean army and served his country proudly. Choi makes sure each employee and manager is trained to the exceeded standards set by Smurti Corporation.

Associated Since: 2011

Experience: expert in various fields

Teddy An Heard has a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from the University of Paris as well as a Master’s Degree in Mathematics with a Minor in Early American History. Teddy Served the U.S. Army for 7 years, taught High School for 16 Years at a German Embassy School, and has been a Smurti Corporation Area Manager for 2 Years.

Associated Since: 2013

Experience: 20 years of food court management

Jamie Llovera has 20 years of experience in food court management. He is the former director of food service at Eckard College and is currently the manager of our

Bainbridge College Campuscafe location.​

Britte Davis



Associated Since:  2015

Experience: 20 years of food service

Britte Davis has 20 years of experience in the food service industry. She had managed franchise location for 9 years . 5 years of experience working at Atlanta Public School and has received manager of the year award from APS twice.

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