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Browse our many concepts and download the sales brochure for your favorite one. Each brochure contains all you need to know about our branding options.



Our staff are available to answer your questions. Please call us at 770.783.2303 or email us at



For more than a generation, Smurti Corporation has provided meals to consumers across much of the United States. We know the tastes of the consumer. And we know that in today's environment, consumers desire a wide variety of cuisines and a significant number of choices at each and every meal.

One of the keys to our success has been our ability to consistently provide the meals that target consumers want most. Keeping with this tradition, we've developed high quality dining programs that are unique, comprehensive, and centered on the sophisticated tastes of today's consumers.

Simply put, Smurti Corporation is your food service management destination. Smurti Corporation is specifically branded and designed to appeal to today's food-savvy consumer. We don't just create a place to eat; we create a place to make your own.



Chef’s Station is the place to get breakfast or lunch. We serve a variety of pancakes and waffles and well as delicious pasta.

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Our Flavors Southern Gravy brings you to the home cooked tastes of the south. No one will be able to resist the taste of Southern Gravy.

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SZZL Philly is our American Grill concept that satisfies the classic Philly cravings. This is part of our most popular concept, SZZL Classic American Grill. 

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Hot delicious pizza by the slice. With cheese, pepperoni, and veggie options, there is something for everyone.

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An American classic anywhere you go. This is part of our SZZL Classic American Grill.

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Our Flavors concept brings together different tastes of the world. 

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Garden St. Deli brings fresh salads, cold subs, hot soups, and grilled paninis quickly to you. 

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The Quench Zone offers all the drinks you could possibly have a craving for. Grab a cup or a bottle to add to your meal experience. The perfect thirst quencher.

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SZZL Classic American Grill

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Chicken subs and wraps made fresh. This is part of our SZZL Classic American Grill.

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Our Flavors Queso is a delicious Mexican Grill Concept. This concept is a great way to bring a wide variety of flavors to any location. 

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PASTY, Hand Held Pot Pies, features flakey pastries filled with a variety of veggies and meats for any taste preference.

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Hot, cold, and baked grab-n-go items that are both tasy and convenient.

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Morning Grill is our American Grill breakfast concept. Products range from Biscuits and Pancakes, to Omelets and Bacon. 

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Delicious chicken wings in the best sauces...we bring a classic to the table. 

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F.A.N.S. is a smoothie bar designed for the college and university market. 100% all-natural drink mixes.

Buffalo & Springs is a delightful way to wake up in the morning. Serving coffee to the morning people and the ‘not so’ morning people with a smile. 

Everything you need to get a good start to the day. The Coffee Zone concept brings a new spin on just waking up.

Jump Asian is part of our Flavors Concept and offers the tastes of East Asia. Jump Asian Express is a proven system that delivers consistent, made-from-scratch taste using simple preparation methods. 

The right lane for your morning coffee. Wake up with a fresh cup of our hot coffee or cold iced coffee. 

Jet Smoothies are a refreshing concept full of fresh fruit flavor. Satisfaction for every tastebud.

Self-serve coffee at its finest. We bring the best hot coffee to customers and give them the ability to have it exactly how they want it. 

Delicious authentic pizza straight from our ovens to your plate. 

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