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Smurti Cares

At Smurti, we care about our employees, our customers, and the earth. In 2014, we implemented a Presidents Program for our Campuscafe employees. Each employee is eligible for paycheck incentives if they are working above and beyond the call of duty. 


Every two weeks we promote a new item from our calendar to better the lives of the students that we serve. A few promotions we have included recently are complimentary Veterans Day meals, highlighted vegetarian options, and free cookies on Halloween. We want to better the students and better the community they live in.


As a company, all of our branches have gone Styrofoam free. For years now we have been using paper cups and paper take out boxes to lower our carbon footprint The other huge stride we have made is using 'Green Chemicals' in all of our locations. We aim to lower the amount harmful chemicals released into our atmosphere. 


Through all of these pieces, we are a company made to support our community and better the lives of the people we touch. 

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